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Posted by Andree Toonk - October 17, 2008 - - No Comments
The last week I received a lot of feedback from many of you by email. This was very useful! I hope to implement your feature requests and solve those bugs as soon as possible. Many of them have been solved right away.  Many features requests were regarding the webinterface, especially the "my prefixes" page where adding and deleting prefixes can use some improvement. I will work on this later when I will add IPv6 support to the front-end. Also deleting historical alarms was high on your list. This is now possible, by clicking on the alarm (details) and than remove those entries. If i have time I will make this a bit easier, but for now that's how you can delete it. Many other things were solved, from typo's to dead links, to better documentation. Many of your questions had to do with regular expressions. I hope to write a blog entry about some of those cases soon, so that it will be useful documentation for all of you. What to expect next? High on my priority list is IPv6 support! I had to write my own Geo IPv6 lib to determine the county code for a prefix. This is currently being used for the IPv6 bgp weathermap. I used the IP2location one, but it's just not accurate enough. This same newly written ipv6 lib does the IPv6 bogon detection for me and will do the IPv6 prefix table lookup as well. Also in the backend, some bug fixes which sometimes cause false positives in case people are monitoring the same prefix. I am also considering of maybe adding an ignore list. Which you can use for more specifics you would like to ignore. Let me know if you think that is useful. Thanks again for your feedback and compliments, keep it coming, either by mail or on this blog if you think others might be interested in it as well.

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