New hardware for server

Posted by Andree Toonk - November 26, 2009 - - No Comments
Last week I finally received a new CPU for the server. This new quad core 2.66GHz CPU replaces a 1.8GHz single core CPU. This upgrades follows the memory upgrade from a few weeks ago when memory was upgraded from 2GB to 8GB. Over the course of this week I saw significant improvement in execution times and average system load. So with this faster CPU and more memory I'm pretty confident the software should be able to perform as you may expect. Now the time has come to release some more new features. Some of these features have been ready for quite a while but I wanted to wait for the new hardware to be installed first. You can expect announcement for these exciting new features soon. As you can see the the original hardware was very low-end, it was actually bought before was born. It was never really intended for this purpose. However, with the new hardware I'm confident I can support the ever growing user base and growing feature set. Just a final reminder, this project is 100% funded by me. If you would like to support this project and help recover some of the costs, please consider making a donation here. [my_infobox]A tip, a warning, or some other useful info[/my_infobox]

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