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Posted by Andree Toonk - June 3, 2011 - BGP instability, - 1 Comment
The unrest in Syria continues and as of this morning it seems that the Syrian government has shutdown about of all Syrian networks. The Internet in Syria is dominated by “The Syrian Telecommunications Establishment”, which routes its networks from AS29256 and AS29386. Besides these providers there are AS6453 – Tata communications which routes 6 Syrian prefixes and AS39154 The Syrian Higher Education Network. As of this morning only 19 of the normally 56 Syrian prefixes are routed.  Interestingly the prefixes that are no longer routed are normally  originated by AS29256 and AS29386, "The Syrian Telecommunications Establishment".  The 6 Tata communication prefixes as well as the Syrian Higher Education Network have not been affected. The table below show how many prefixes are normally routed by these providers, and how it has changed over the last hours.
Date Number of Prefixes Number of origin ASN Number of Upstream ASN
2011-06-01 00:00 56 4 10
2011-06-01 16:00 56 4 10
2011-06-03 08:00 19 4 10
2011-06-03 16:00 19 4 10

The pie charts below show how the Syrian network are distributed over the different providers. Clearly visible are the reduced number of prefixes announced by “The Syrian Telecommunications Establishment”, AS29256 and AS29386.

Prefix Distribution June 1

Prefix Distribution June 3

Update June 4th, 2011 As of this morning (approximately 08:00 UTC) all Syrian networks routed by "The Syrian Telecommunications Establishment" are back online! Some prefixes came back earlier this morning. Also see Google's Transparency report here.

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