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Posted by Andree Toonk - October 12, 2008 -, bogons, IPv6 - No Comments
As you probably already found out, BGPmon tries to detect IPv4 bogon announcement and publishes them on the website. For this I am using the list published by team cymru (great resource!). Quite some bogons are detected every day, although most of them are "just" RFC1918 space.  And luckily most of them don't seem to make it that far, meaning it's not seen by a large number of peers. The current version of BGPmon has some support for IPv6, but it's limited to the backend functions. I hope to find the time soon to make this functionality available in the webfrontend as well. In the mean time I would like to share with you an interesting observation. a few  weeks ago an interesting IPv6 prefix which caused my parser to start complaining. At first I thought it was a parser bug, but it's not.  The prefix in question is 339:752f:14::/48  and is  seen by 35 RIS peers thus  seems to propagate fairly far.  Looking back in some old RIB files, it turns out that this prefix has been around for a while already, the first time somewhere in February, then it wasn't visible for a while showing up in July/August again.  According to this IANA document, 0200::/7 used to be available for those who needed to map OSI NSAP to IPv6 [RFC4548]. However this is now obsoleted and declared historic. This is probably is good moment to remember to check your IPv6 filters. And ask yourself, do I filter IPv6 announcements? Did you know that Gert Doering publishes some great resources for IPv6 filters? Please see: for IPv6 filter list recommendations.

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