Country wide outage in Azerbaijan

Posted by Andree Toonk - November 16, 2015 - BGP instability - 2 Comments
AZoutageIt doesn’t happen often that a country with hundreds of prefixes is affected by a massive outage, however earlier today this unfortunately happened to Azerbaijan. Starting at 12:04 UTC approximately 94% of the prefixes out of Azerbaijan became unreachable.   The event was reported on @bgpstream and details plus a replay can be found here: The image below shows the impact on traffic from Azerbaijan to OpenDNS. It’s clear that almost all of the traffic from Azerbaijan disappeared at the time of outage.
Traffic from Azerbaijan

Traffic from Azerbaijan

The main Internet Service provider in Azerbaijan is AS29049, Delta Telecom Ltd. The majority of the country relies on Delta Telecom for connectivity to the rest of the Internet.  The outage is reportedly the result of a fire damaging the equipment of Delta Telecom. As a result all routes for AS29049, Delta Telecom Ltd. and all of the networks that rely on Delta Telecom disappeared from the Internet. The graph below shows the number of prefixes observed in the BGP routing tables for Azerbaijan. Clearly visible is the drop in reachable networks starting at 12:04.
Visisble BGP prefixes for Azerbaijan

Visible BGP prefixes for Azerbaijan

Networks out of Azerbaijan that do not rely on Delta Telecom such as AS196925 Azertelekom are not affected.  


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