BGPstream and The Curious Case of AS12389

Posted by Andree Toonk - April 27, 2017 - Hijack - No Comments
The world of BGP routing is a fascinating place with lots of interesting BGP events happening every day. It can be challenging to keep track of it all and so two years ago we started the BGPstream website where we keep track of large scale outages and BGP hijacks. We list the events, basic info and visualize it with one of my favorite tools: BGPlay. For those who keep an eye on @bgpstream , you probably noticed a curious series of BGP hijacks today all by the same Autonomous system affecting many well known networks. Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 8.40.27 PM   Starting at April 26 22:36 UTC till approximately 22:43 UTC AS12389 (PJSC Rostelecom) started to originate 50 prefixes for numerous other Autonomous systems. The 50 hijacked prefixes included 37 unique autonomous systems and the complete list of affected networks can be found below. If your organization is in this list feel free to reach out and we can provide more details if needed. Keep in mind that many of these hijacks are already published on as well. So back to this incident, what happened here? What makes the list of affected networks 'curious' is the high number of financial institutions such as for example:  MasterCard,Visa, Fortis,Alfa-Bank,card complete Service Bank and more. The other curious thing is that this included several more specific prefixes. One example is this one for HSBC This indicates this is not your typical 'leak' (say BGP > OSPF > BGP).  Because the prefix normally exist as not as the /24 announced by Rostelecom. So someone (likely 12389 Rostelecom) is inserting it in their routing tables themselves. The question is why? One typical scenario where this is normally done is because of some kind of traffic engineering or traffic redirection. Incident replay It's also worth noting that at the same time as the hijacks we did see many (78) new advertisements originated by 12389 for prefixes by 'other' Rostelecom telecom ASns (29456,21378,13056,13118,8570). So something probably went wrong internally causing Rostelecom to start originating these new prefixes. Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by... well let's say an innocent misconfiguration. If this was in-fact an attempt to on purpose redirect traffic for some of these financial institutions, it was done in a very visible and large scale manner, so from that perspective perhaps not too likely. Then again, given the number of high value prefixes of all the same category (financial institutions and credit card processors) it seems a bit more than an innocent accidental hijack, especially considering the fact that new more specific prefixes were introduced. For sure an interesting and curious case, so keep an eye on @bgpstream or sign-up for our BGP monitoring service and be alerted as soon as it happens! Below the list of affected networks (other Rostelecom networks excluded)
 AS     Autonomous System Name      
  49002  Federal State Unitary Enterprise Russian
   3561  Savvis
  41268  LANTA Ltd
   2559  Visa International
   8255  Euro-Information-Europeenne de Traitemen
  31627  Servicios Para Medios De Pago S.A.
    701  MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a
   3259  Docapost Bpo SAS
   3303  Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd
   3741  IS
   5553  State Educational Institution of Higher
   5630  Worldline SA
   8291  The Federal Guard Service of the Russian
   8677  Worldline SA
   9162  The State Educational Institution of Hig
   9221  HSBC HongKong
   9930  TIME dotCom Berhad
  11383  Xand Corporation
  12257  EMC Corporation
  12578  SIA Lattelecom
  12954  SIA S.p.A.
  15468  38, Teatralnaya st.
  15632  JSC Alfa-Bank
  15742  PJSC CB PrivatBank
  15835  ROSNIIROS Russian Institute for Public N
  15919  Servicios de Hosting en Internet S.A.
  18101  Reliance Communications Ltd.DAKC MUMBAI
  25410  Bank Zachodni WBK S.A.
  26380  MasterCard Technologies LLC
  28827  Fortis Bank N.V.
  30060  VeriSign Infrastructure & Operations
  34960  Netcetera AG
  35469  Ojsc Bank Avangard
  50080  Provus Service Provider SA
  50351  card complete Service Bank AG
  61100  Norvik Banka AS
200163  Itera Norge AS

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