BGPmon now has full IPv6 support!

Posted by Andree Toonk - November 25, 2008 -, bogons, Hijack, IPv6 - 2 Comments
I am happy to announce that BGPmon now has full IPv6 support! This means that you can now monitor your IPv6 prefixes just as you are monitoring your IPv4 prefixes. All the codes, alarm messages etc are they same as for IPv4. It took a while because I had to write a few new libraries myself. These new Perl Libraries are used to do IPv6 prefix matching, Ipv6 to location (Geo_IPv6) and IPv6 bogon detection. Some of the functions used in this library have already made it to a BGPmon service in a earlier stage. Examples are the IPv6 weathermap as well as the IPv6 bogon page. IPv6 is also fully supported in the auto discovery feature for both prefix discovery as well as the regular expression generator. I hope you, BGPmon users, are happy with this new functionality and will use it. As always if you have any feedback please let me know
Monitoring IPv6 prefix with BGPmon

Monitoring IPv6 prefix with BGPmon



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