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Just like many you, I use rancid to track changes in configurations of our routers and switches. This week released a new feature called ‘routing report’, you can think of this as a Rancid for your BGP routing table. Every day BGPmon compares the announcements by your ASN with those of the day before. Any differences in announcements or reachability will be sent to you in an email. I’ve been using this feature for a few weeks now and found it very useful. The things it will report on is differences in announced prefixes, including a breakdown of which prefixes are reachable via which upstream / peer AS. This will help you detect if a prefix is no longer reachable via one or all peers or upstreams. The routing report will also report on upstream and downstream ASns. At the end of this blog post you’ll find an example report. Please note that each report also contains a summary report of your AS, comparable to the cidr report. This routing report feature can be enabled/disabled on a per AS basis in the ‘my ASn’ page. Update January 12, 2010 The routing report feature is disabled by default. If you would like to use this feature you will need to enable it. New Prefix alert (code60) If you recently started to announce a new prefix, then you most likely received a BGPmon email with a New Prefix (code60) alert. These notifications are send out as soon as your AS starts to originate a new prefix. This feature could only be enabled / disabled globally via the settings menu. If you’re using for multiple ASns chances are that for some ASns you would like to have this feature enabled and for some disabled. As of this week this is possible and you should now be able to configure this on a per ASn basis. Adding your AS to My ASn All the ASns your are currently monitoring should have been added to ‘My ASn’ automatically. If you add a new prefix and ASn to my prefixes, remember to also add your AS to ‘My ASn’. Otherwise the ‘routing report’ and ‘New Prefix alert’ will not work, as your ASn needs to be added manually. As always if you have any questions please leave a comment on this blog or send me an email.
From: BGPmon Alert < >
Subject: BGPmon Routing report
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2010 02:53:27 +0100 (CET)

Your routing table report for AS271 (BCNET-AS - BCnet)

================================== Changes: ====================================
RIB file used:
RRC01 -- LINX, London
RRC03 -- AMS-IX / NL-IX / GN-IX, Amsterdam
RRC11 -- NYIIX, New York
RRC12 -- DE-CIX, Frankfurt
RRC13 -- MSK-IX, Moscow
RRC15 -- PTTMetro, Sao Paulo

------ AS Adjacency report ------
New Downstream / Customer AS:
	+ AS25689 (NRCNET-AS - National Research Council of Canada)

------ Prefixes report ------
Lost prefixes for AS271
 -  	(Sky Research Inc.)
 -  	(UBC Commercial Client)

------ Prefixes reachable via peers report ------
 + via AS6939	(BCNET IPv6 awareness day) now reachable via HURRICANE - Hurricane Electric, Inc.
 + 2607:f8f0:690::/48 via AS6939	(No valid route object!) now reachable via HURRICANE - Hurricane Electric, Inc.

 - via AS6509	(UBC Commercial Client) no longer reachable via CANARIE-NTN - Canarie Inc
 - via AS6509	(Sky Research Inc.) no longer reachable via CANARIE-NTN - Canarie Inc
 - via AS6939	(UBC Commercial Client) no longer reachable via HURRICANE - Hurricane Electric, Inc.
 - via AS6939	(Sky Research Inc.) no longer reachable via HURRICANE - Hurricane Electric, Inc.

================ AS271 Summary report 01/09/10 23:59:58: ====================

Upstream Adjacent AS list:
	*AS852  	 ASN852 - Telus Advanced Communications) 
	*AS6327  	 SHAW - Shaw Communications Inc.) 
	*AS6509  	 CANARIE-NTN - Canarie Inc) 
	*AS6939  	 HURRICANE - Hurricane Electric, Inc.) 
	*AS13768  	 PEER1 - Peer 1 Network Inc.) 

Downstream Adjacent AS list:
	*AS3633  	 BC-SYSTEMS - Province of British Columbia) 
	*AS11105  	 SFU-AS - Simon Fraser University) 
	*AS16462  	 UVIC-AS - University of Victoria) 
	*AS25689  	 NRCNET-AS - National Research Council of Canada) 
	*AS25722  	 GATEWAY-OPERATIONS - Payment Processing Inc.) 
	*AS32956  	 ZED-RADIO3 - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) 
	*AS36000  	 NHA-ASN1 - Northern Health Authority) 
	*AS36391  	 TRIUMF - TRIUMF (Tri-University Meson Facility)) 
	*AS25689         NRCNET-AS - National Research Council of Canada

Announced IPv6 prefixes:
	*2607:f8f0:670::/48  	 (No valid route object!) 
	*2607:f8f0:680::/48  	 (No valid route object!) 
	*2607:f8f0:690::/48  	 (No valid route object!) 
	*2607:f8f0::/32  	 (No valid route object!) 

Announced IPv4 prefixes:
	*  	 (BCNet Class B network) 
	*  	 (BCNet  network) 
	*  	 (UBC RESnet network) 
	*  	 (UBC wireless network) 
	*  	 (No valid route object!) 
	*  	 (No valid route object!) 
	*  	 (No valid route object!) 
	*  	 (BCNET-2) 
	*  	 (BCnet gigapop servers - News,DNS) 
	*  	 (BCNET IPv6 awareness day) 
	*  	 (BCNET conference 2009 (DUAL stack)) 
	*  	 (BCnet gigapop C3 interconnect links) 
	*  	 (UBC_TRU DR  project) 
	*  	 (BC Genome Sequence Centre) 
	*  	 (BCnet gigapop C3 interconnect links) 
	*  	 (UBC) 
	*  	 (University of British Columbia (UBC1)) 
	*  	 (NET-UNBC) 
	*  	 (BCNET3) 
	*  	 (BCnet gigapop C3 interconnect links) 
	*  	 (BCNET VANTX interconnects) 
	*  	 (BCnet gigapop servers - News,IRR) 
	*  	 (BCnet gigapop servers - RealServer, Video Server) 
	*  	 (BCnet gigapop connections) 
	*  	 (No valid route object!) 
	*  	 (UBC MedSchool AV Network) 
	*  	 (BCIT Internet Engineering Lab) 
	*  	 (UBC MedSchool AV Network) 
	*  	 (UBC MedSchool AV Network) 
	*  	 (University of British Columbia (UBC) Okanagan) 
	*  	 (BCITNET2) 
	*  	 (TRIUMF) 
	*  	 (DPIC) 
	*  	 (Thompson Rivers University) 
	*  	 (Open Learning Agency) 
	*  	 (British Coulmbia Institute of Technology (NET-192-68-67-0-2)) 
	*  	 (British Coulmbia Institute of Technology (NET-192-68-68-0-1)) 
	*  	 (British Coulmbia Institute of Technology (NET-192-68-69-0-1)) 
	*  	 (British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)) 
	*  	 (BCIT Internet Engineering Lab) 
	*  	 (University of British Columbia (CDNnet)) 
	*  	 (BCNET-AGG-13) 
	*  	 (University of British Columbia (UBC-CS)) 
	*  	 (Forintek) 
	*  	 (SPINNAKER) 
	*  	 (Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design) 
	*  	 (Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design) 
	*  	 (Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design) 
	*  	 (NETBLK-BR-COL-6) 
	*  	 (BCNET ORAN interconnect links) 
	*  	 (Great Northen Way Digital Arts) 
	*  	 (University of British Columbia (UBC) Vancouver BCWARN BC Amateur Radio Network) 
	*  	 (E-Learning Conference) 
	*  	 (UBC Commercial Clients) 
	*  	 (CANFOR) 
	*  	 (UBC Commercial Clients) 
	*  	 (UBC Commercial Clients Debian Project) 
	*  	 (No valid route object!) 
	*  	 (WestGrid project) 
	*  	 (WestGrid) 
	*  	 (UBC Commercial) 
	*  	 (UBC eduroam wireless) 
	*  	 (WestGrid project inter-router links) 
	*        (Thompson Rivers University) 
	*  	 (BCNET (Non-portable address space)) 
	*  	 (University of British Columbia (UBC) Okanagan) 
	*  	 (University of British Columbia (UBC) Vancouver wireless) 
	*  	 (University of British Columbia (UBC) Vancouver wireless) 
	*  	 (BR-COL-8) 
	*  	 (BC Childrens and Womens Hospital) 
	*  	 (BCnet gigapop interconnects (BCNET-4)) 
	*  	 (BCNET VICTX interconnects) 
	*  	 (BCNET PGTX interconnects) 
	*  	 (BC Research - UBC Commercial Client) 
	*  	 (UBC Commercial Client) 
	*  	 (UBC Commercial Client) 
	*  	 (BCNET KELTX interconnects) 
	*  	 (BCNET KAMTX interconnects) 
	*  	 (UBC Research Enterprises Inc.) 
	*  	 (University College of the Cariboo) 
	*  	 (BCnet gigapop C3 interconnect links) 
	*  	 (BCnet gigapop C3 interconnect links) 
	*  	 (Royal Roads University (RRU)) 
	*  	 (BCNET-5) 
	*  	 (Prince George Public Library) 
	*  	 (Farleigh Dickinson University Vancouver campus) 

 * The upstream / downstream categorisation in this report is strictly a description relative topology, 
 and should not be confused with provider / customer / peer inter-AS relationships.


  • Adam says:

    What does “(No valid route object!)” mean after an announced prefix? All of my routes are reachable so I’m not understanding this one.

    Thanks so much for this site/tools. It has been a huge help for me.

  • Andree says:

    Hi Adam,

    Good to hear that you find this tool useful.

    “(No valid route object!)” means that no route object was found for the announced prefix. It’s good practice to have route objects for all your prefixes in one the IRR’s.

    With valid we mean: an Exact match, ie, same prefix and same prefix length and same origin AS.

    This would be a valid route object for announced by AS1103

    whois -h
    descr: LUMC-NET HVUNET
    origin: AS1103
    mnt-by: AS1103-MNT
    changed: 20020227
    source: RIPE

    Hope that answers your question.

  • Adam says:

    Thanks for your help. That answers the question perfectly.

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